As many of you may know Mike started this business nearly 27 years ago with just a shovel and the need to provide for his family. It has grown into much more than just a need to provide but rather a passion of his. “His Baby” as he may refer to it. We came across some old pictures showing the process and the different ideas that Mike has had over the years and thought that it may be fun to share.

The old Dodge

The First Truck

Mike also created a bike and in the summers would pedel around with a lawn mower or other tools on the front so he was able to complete his task and not have to rely on a vehicle. It was a great form of advertising too, everyone knew him from his strange looking bike. Sometime the bike would be used for leisure of course!


Master Servant Bike

The Master Servant Bike


Master Servant Bike

Master Servant Bike on Vacation


Schepers Property Maintenance moved up in the world and purchased their second truck. This one was a real looker compared to the first. Although the looks didnt matter, they both did the same job and were driven until they were no longer able to drive.

Schepers Property Maintenance The Begining

Schepers Property Maintenance Truck 2


Although he has this new truck the bike was still on the road and was at least doing a good job of keeping the kids happy

The Bike

The Bike


Then came the vans. I remember this van picking me up from school when Mike first bought it, I was very excited about it! Looking back, it was not the most glamorous of machines but it was a car that Mike could use for his work and still had room for the family.

Schepers Property Maintenance Van

Schepers Property Maintenance Van

We now have a variety of trucks and Mike is doing snow plowing as well as sidewalk maintenance. He is still doing lawns and sometimes will bring out the bike and trailer to do some of our residential lawns. More often than not though you will see him driving around in his big dodge truck, covered in dents and missing a back hatch. Schepers Property Maintenance has been very diverse in its modes of transportation over the years and never has all the fancy toys and shiny trucks but we have always prided ourselves in customer service.


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Hope you enjoyed a look at our history!








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