We get numerous requests to help out with troubled lawns under trees. This is something Schepers Property Maintenance is expert in, we are your Garden Coaches. There are several considerations that we coach people through and today we will write on a few.
The first thing that we ask all customers is what the lawn is used for in the area in question. Past reasoning for lawns will possibly have changed. Kids have moved out, the tree has grown, the expense of keeping a lawn weed free has risen and the cool resting place is sought after. Sometimes it is tough to envision a new space. It is especially tough to plan and set goals that take into account the changing nature of the yard. At Schepers Property Services we can help. We can coach you through the process with our consultants or, better do the work of making your yard maintenance free. Our gardens stand out.
What can you do prior to our coming. Well, think about what the lawn is there for. We have talked about this in other blogs www.scheperspropertymaintenance.blogspot.com  Schepers Property Services has found that at the end of contemplating the space most people would prefer something more intimate and something that compliments the lawn and the house. They would like something relaxing as befits a shade garden. These gardens are what we are best at and they are less expensive than lawns in the first place
If in your review you still want the lawn then we can also help make this a success. Specialty grass mixtures and the right advice and soil additives all help. Our customers interest is ours.

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