Before going into the bragging section of this project it is necessary to admit to a few things. Though in the end this was a success it also was the worst one Schepers Property Maintenance did. Why? Simply because I was personally involved in the design AND the implementation and the latter took more time than any other projects. Why? Well, because I am no longer in charge of the quote and scheduling process. I should not have been in charge of this one either. If you have not heard Jami is our Operations Manager and she has batted 900 all year. By my being involved wrong with this project it was not finished on time….sorry.


This first picture is the original back yard. The story behind the original design, creation and care of this garden is a better one than I am now sharing. It is not mine to tell. I tell you this for one reason; this is not a bad design or a lousy garden in need of my rescue. In fact far from it. Things change though and this garden was due for some changes. There were several main goals. To get rid of the lawn, to eliminate unnecessary pathways and to make it more open. We also were to use only existing plants and materials.

Stephanie 1

Remember. Other than the recycled edging concrete and the screening all products were from the garden


Please note and take the time to see around you.  The edging details are not as important in a garden such as this.  The whole design will not only last but, when complete, will have the edges properly graced with plants.  Note the Hosta part way down the path.  The placement of the plantings is critical to a successful job.



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