Of all the things to get excited about.  Grapes.  There are not just one or two bunches but loads of grapes and I think my wife and grandkids actually squealed in delight.  Thoughts of Grape Jelly ran through their mind.  Thoughts of little purple feet stomping on them ran through mine.  What also ran through my mind was how odd it was that neither Sandra nor I squeal when the business does well or when we got a bonus or a gift that could buy Grape Jelly.  Why was this?  What made these grapes so exciting when really they are nothing that money can’t buy.

Well, one is the whole purple little feet thing.  That is kinda cute and certainly a potential memory that will be seared in the grandkids memory.  There is in that hope of grandparents laughing with their grandkids.  There is the adventure of learning how to make the jelly and how to keep the birds off.  There is also the ability to give and share in a different way then one can do with money.  A hand written note or a jar of jelly means more than a cheque in the same way the abundance of grapes had a greater effect on us.  One simple reason is that these grapes are not going to keep for our retirement so there was no decision to make.  Giving away Zucchini and vegetables it is simply the right and fun thing to do.


There is a customer we had that got rid of her Hydrangeas and eliminated much of the overcrowded pretentiousness of the original garden design.  She replaced these plants with vegetables.  The garden looks very full right now but, it is full of giving and sharing.  Though we help maintain the weeding of the garden and have consulted with design, the fruitfulness of the vegetables is all her and her son.  This goal was very clear in our initial consultations and, though it seems to go against the grain, we moved forward making sure that this element of her garden was very strong.  In the picture below you will be hard pressed to see the “clutter” of mixed gardening.  Her plan has worked very well.


The pictures that follow are a microcosm of what you may miss on the intial look.  I have included one shot of the back yard with its glorious Walnut tree.  With a Walnuit tree in the rear it limited the use of this space for a garden.  The shade was too deep and the Juglone would kill most vegetables.

IMG_20140818_091659 IMG_20140818_091707 IMG_20140818_091712 IMG_20140818_091721 IMG_20140818_091727IMG_20140818_091801

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