Stuart Deck


Stuart Deck After

A customer was considering moving and was reviewing her property with the resale value in mind.  The rear deck was one of the items where she felt she needed to make improvements.  She requested a quote for the work of repairing all of the worst boards, staining and sealing.





My advice was to get her to talk to a realtor (or two…) and ask them also.  They will have a better sense of what work should be done.  So often people over assess what is needed.  Washing the eaves troughs and downspouts, mulching the garden and pruning are examples of jobs that can cost less and increase value more.

It was decided in the end not to replace any of the boards.  They were not a liability and could wait.  It was also decided that because the colour of the deck was inconsistent a pressure wash and a sealer would be a good idea.  Replacing the boards would have been one of those jobs where you really do not know where to begin and where to end.  This makes the quote/ work hard to manage and any extra money spent would have been a waste.  Besides.  New owners may want to completely reconfigure the deck.




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