Sod has its place. Sod is a wonder of our modern society and the ability to be able to cut 18″ wide swaths of sod, deliver and install it on another property is incredible. Instant grass placed on hills is better for erosion control and its use in developments is very important. There is even benefits for weed control by using sod. For all this I never promote sodding as a cure for a problem and will likely advise you against going this route.

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This year so far we have traded $6500.00 of potential revenue for $3000.00. Likely we have lost another $6500.00 from contracts given over to other companies. This is OK. Schepers Property Maintenance will quote on your sod job but we will always provide the alternative.
Let us take a look at the “loss” from one customer. The start will be the reason why they wanted to sod. Dogs had made a mess of their lawn. By letting the neighbour’s dog into their yard to play their frolicking tore up sections of lawn. This practice had stopped. There was a path in the lawn created by their own dog. Though the lawn did indeed look a mess their was an awful lot of grass that had survived. Some other important facts were that this lawn was under moderate shade, the area along the fence never grew grass and there was neither an infestation of weeds nor damage caused by grubs and other insects.
The key points that helped our customer choose seed were as follows.
  • We guaranteed success.
  • It meant less work from them watering
  • We used seed that would grow well in the conditions they had and that would match the existing grass (Bluegrass sod does not grow well in shade)
  • We would create a garden along the fence by transplanting those plants in their existing garden that would survive under a Walnut tree. (the grass did not grow well here anyway and needed a different detail)
  • We could transplant some of the plants from the front to fill the new garden.
  • We could solve the problem of the dog path, or at least minimize it.
  • We could mulch.
This work cost a third of what Sod cost and the yard is great looking. The seeding by itself, without the cost of mulch and the hours transplanting would have cost 10% of the sod. As she is already a customer we are there weekly anyway and can always put a dash of seed down here and there.
It is important to add that our gardening of this home has always been done under budget and over expectations. Weeding, transplanting and general garden care costs less than lawn care for the same square footage. Finally, grass is not asphalt, it is not exotic and in fact is easy to grow, why can’t it be done well by gardeners?
The other service Schepers Property Maintenance provides is garden consultations.  This customer was given options and clear pricing and she knew us well enough to know that we are OK with competitive quotes.  By being able to clearly define the scope of work and option (and expectations, and care requirements etc) the quotes are clearer and more easily compared.  A garden consult could save you hundreds of dollars and can be very inspiring.

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