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The above pictures were taken this month (August 2014).  These are examples of damage done by improper use of salt.  Did you include in your winter budget this cost?

Please note.  Schepers Property Maintenance does not expect to be expanding this winter. The posts on winter maintenance are NOT to solicit more clients.  We only have room for one or two more commercial clients and about 7 residential and we do not overbook.  Therefore these considerations are a community service.  We are willing to consult with those in charge of the tendering of winter contracts.

Now is the time for property owners, managers and supervisors to consider their contracts for winter snow removal.  Here is a tip.

Tip One: Talk About your Salt needs

Can the contractor tell you how much salt/ ice melt products it would take on average per snowfall to maintain the walks and the lots.  Why not ask?  Even if you do not change anything this year you are now starting the process of budgeting your salt.  You will be better informed.  You can also get other’s opinions about what is sufficient?  By seeking proffesional help and a clearer written assessment of need, you can start to add wording to you contracts that state how much salt to use.  This effort does not change any of the protections built into contracts over the years for liability.  Why not get that assessment?  Why not take the time to learn more about alternative techniques for salting?

We watched, amazed.  Over the seventy-five feet of walk he had just shoveled he put down four buckets of salt.  This same walk would have needed only a quarter of that amount if the employees were properly trained.

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