The greatest liability risk a property faces is the pedestrian risk.  People walking.  We live in an ironic society that often forgets this.  All drivers are pedestrians.  Cars can go through almost anything and, if two cars collide because of ice, they carry there own insurance,  Easy peasy really.  If there is an injury this is a different story; especially if this injury is caused while the person is outside of their car.

Every property should be first assessed for these pedestrian hazards. There are many.  Most contracts do not stipulate detail work.  Around garbage bins in the rear, rear accesses to neighbouring properties and poorly drained walks and drives shoud be clearly spelled out.  It is these details that will bite an owner, not the main parking lot.  Contracting for these details are critical as an owner or a manager of a site.



Does your contractor have the capacity to shovel?  Does he know clearly the emergency exits, the garbage areas and other pedestrian areas that may exist?  Does he monitor regularly that the city sidewalk plow has not created a hazard by plowing snow in front of and onto a sidewalk that leads to a building?  Are fire hydrants mentioned?


IMG_20140218_075042 - CopyIMG_20140218_074811 - Copy

Garbage bins being dusted off of snow and the area immediately in front of them is more critical than the lane.  (Blue recycle bins above)  The plow operator had come and did what he does best (the operator on this site is excellent btw, we do forward numbers) but he neither dusted off the snow that would melt and turn to ice nor got close enough to eliminate the hazard.


IMG_20140302_085049 - Copy

When dealing with these details please remember that scheduling is more important sometimes than ability.  The plow comes.  THEN the walk is cleared.  What happened to the snow from the walk?  On most commercial properties it is right back into the lot.  The snow from the garbage area needed plowed and shoveled and then plowed again.  There are many many tips to ensure not only a well maintained lot but one that is reasonably priced as well.  Yes we do consultations.  Remember the right wording for the contract is in your hands as a manager and owner.  It takes time to get right.



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