Yes we love on call plowing, everybody loves being needed.  The problem is when it is bad everybody needs us and the contract customers come first. If you are considering getting your driveway shoveled by a contractor now is the time to be making deals. The winter of 2013-2014 was a rough year and typically this means that there are quite a few more people looking. The next few posts are about frequently asked questions we get.


“can you be on call?”

We love these customers but there are things that need to be understood, it is a tougher relationship to maintain. Here are some thoughts to consider.

  1. IF it is strictly on call it becomes difficult to schedule and place on a route. This means we charge more.
  2. IF it is strictly “on call” it is tougher to administer in the office. This is part of the reason we charge more.
  3. If it is strictly “on call” it will likely mean that you are placed on our second, third or next day service schedule as we always deal with contracts first.
  4. If it is strictly on call and it was not properly maintained in between our last service (the lighter snowfalls) there is an extra charge to deal with ice buildup, especially if your driveway is not suitable for a plow. Doing work by hand demands the drive is kept clear as it is too hard on our bodies to run up against ruts and ice.

Schepers Property Maintenance offers this service but all the above problems are clearly pointed out and dealt with. We prefer if people let us do it on contract or at least have them on a list for service during snowfalls over a set criteria. This of course can also be awkward but it ensures service and it helps us to get you scheduled in a cost effective way.

Other Hints

If you are doing it by yourself please remember to take care. A Chiropractor or a massage therapists can easily cost as much in a year as snow removal does. Take your time, drink plenty of water and enjoy.

The most dangerous places on your property are also the most difficult to deal with. Cars not cleared of snow mean ice will form around vehicle. Roof snow, rear decks, garbage areas and downspout locations all should be discussed with contractors if they are historically a problem.

It is better to get your contractor to plow AFTER your car is out of the drive. Plowing before you go to work is not a help. Why?

  1. If you cannot pull out of your drive you likely will have difficulty on side-streets and the roads in general.
  2. If your contractor is not shoveling the car you will end up clearing this snow into the drive. You now either have to have the contractor return or do it yourself.
  3. It is cheaper to be on a day time schedule than an early morning schedule and, if you know when your car is gone, it give the crew more time to make sure you are done.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS. A drive that slopes toward a house or a drive that enters onto a main arterial road (that is regularly plowed by the city overnight or early)


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