2014 10 28 Fall walk “Picture Haibun”

So much makes up the walk. Perfect fall weather helps. I rest on a shaded bench while the grandchildren visit the Japanese garden.

the fountain

enticing to deeper rest

frog catchers shriek delight

birds chirp

children chatter

So much of any walk is subtle. Pictures do not capture the moment my hand is grabbed by the hand of my grandson Carter as he approaches from behind. The warmth, the trust and the cuteness. Photo’s do not capture the exotic feeling of the lost art of nit picking which my youngest grandson Owen did while upon my shoulder. Each hair gently parted and teased, occasionally grasped as we hit a bump. I envied Baboons briefly in their cultural exercise. To know the numbers of hairs on a head is glorious and the touch of someone close is priceless.

yesterday a touch

broke the stillness of my skin

pond ripples lap shore

Attached to this post is what I call a “haibun” photo. We walk and gather textures and colours. They, like haiku, are the ironic and the subtle; lost among and under.  Little nuts and stones. Berries, leaves, mosses and dead flowers. Taken together they show the beauty in the micro around us. Lyla, my granddaughter is best at this and she it was that topped our haibun with berries red.


on my shoes

pathway relics

the hawk circles

wanting a mention


2014 10 28 Lyla and Owen


2014 09 28 Lyla catching frogs


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