This picture is intriguing. The ingenuity these bikers showed in storing their bikes is cool. When asked why they did this it was a simple answer. This was the easiest way to secure their bikes when they stopped. There is way more to tell though.

There are in fact so many things to write about from just this one shot that I am at a loss as to where to start. So for today I give you some questions. This seems appropriate since the picture of parked bikes only came about from inquisitiveness.

My questions are not in any order or by any means complete.

What if there was a bike rack there? Which bike is the “leader’s”? Is there a “leader” in fact? Who first proposed the idea? What would happen if we formed a bike association? How would the rules be written, how many rules and what would this do to the sport of bike stacking? Am I the only one that finds this intriguing?

There are more. I think the best thoughts out of this are simple statements. Pick up hockey on a rink in winter is a better temperature gauge of a healthy community than organized sport. Kids playing ball in a park with no adults takes healthy children to succeed. We just elected a new counsel and a mayor and when I thought about the bikes I thought about proper government. No, I don’t always know what this means but I do know that those in leadership positions have to ponder these bikes in balancing out their role.

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