The plow is still on our trucks but we are definitely in spring mode. The bamboo rake is going in the truck today. Sure it is too early to try to remake your garden and there is no attempt on our part to make your grass green yet. We will not wake a sleeping bear from hibernation. There is nothing to stop us from cleaning up and dead heading on his doorstep however. Likely he will be in a better mood if he is not stepping on dog feces and litter when he finally awakes. The activity of plowing took place on his doorstep all year afterall.

What are we doing now. Yes, dog feces is one of the chores. “Pile Picking”, where we use a small rake to fling the litter that shows it’s face as the snow piles thaw. There is a lot of litter to get. We also are going to be on top of parking lot sweeping by starting niggling at the sand in the corners. Raking late fallen and wind blown leaves off lawns with that gentle bamboo rake is also a chore. Looking at the long range forecast makes us hopefull for a week outside doing what we enjoy.

This post is about getting new customers. Schepers Property Maintenance is sticking to its key principles and that is limiting the number of customers for lawn care or for garden make overs. We are not going to do any more than three days of lawn this year. We like the makeover projects. We like the help we give people for minor repairs for decks and interlock and even interior repairs such as drywall. We like the lawn repair jobs and really enjoy working on just the gardens of many homes. We are busy enough and are even going to be hiring this year. Over the next few weeks we will explain our services in brief blogs in the hopes of getting information to these potential customers we are hoping to attract. Please note. There is advice for you in everything written. One hint. The services being described are due to be done in the next week, that is why we are explaining first.Boulevard Sweeping

Boulevard Sweeping. The gentle bambo rake and the metal poo flinging rake do not deal with the sand left by the city. This sand is full of crab grass and is best to remove. The machine we use for this is very effective. It is rubber and will not damage lawn. We suggest doing it now before the rains drive the seeds in and because it is very inexpensive to do this work if it is done before the city sweeps the streets. This job is one of those jobs that is easy on the customer/ company relationship. It is inexpensive, important and done on time. Orders can be taken over the phone. Scheduling is a breeze as it does not take us long to do it and yet it saves the customers an amazing amount of time. This job is included in our lawn contracts and, where applicable, our garden maintenance jobs. It is one of the services that is easily done as a one up job and is a great service to hire us for so that you get to meet our staff.

The other service I am pushing for now for Schepers Property Maintenance is Garden Consulting. Now afterall is a perfect time to sip a coffee or tea and plan. We are far cheaper than landscape architects and frankly are very very good at making your garden look great. There are elements of this consultation that are unique to Schepers Property Maintenance. We take the time to listen and are very careful to include the maintenance needs into the conversation. As a maintenance company we are designing for winter, allowing for snow removal duties. We are careful to tell you the approximate hours of yearly maintenance and let you know how to properly care for the garden to make it last. We are advocates and experts of staging a garden. Consider the following points.

  1. A wise gardener sticks to budgets. They budget…
    1. Space. We do not temporarily do not overplant.  This is an expensive way to garden.
    2. Costs. Schepers Property Maintenance works to a clear budget and plan plan.  There are no surprises.
  2. An avid gardener will move a garden and touch it up regularly. We help plan for changes. Our coaching helps teach our customers key concepts that help make change.  We expect you to grow with your garden.
  3. We are garden sharers. If we thin a plant from one garden we love to share. We have developed a cost effective way of doing this that is quite neat.
  4. Are work is completed on time and we do it with the least disturbance to your home.

Garden coaching saves you money. Garden coaching and our garden makeovers can cost up to a third of what a “designer” garden would cost. Garden maintenance is cheaper than lawn care as odd as that sounds to people. One of the things we run into and have to overcome is the strange concept people have about gardens. It costs almost half as much to garden an established garden as it does for a lawn of the same size.  We give free estimates and would love to talk about your garden.

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