Schepers Property Maintenance has a motto. “Keep it simple”. Our best work has been the simplest and as an added bonus it is also the easiest to maintain. There are times when this position feels like apathy or laziness but we get over it when we see the work we have done sitting smugly next to a complicated landscaped yard. There is a neatness to our work; a quiet confidence that makes it stand tall. Simple tricks come out of minimizing. Today I am sharing about rolling your lawn and frankly my hope is that you will do it yourself. If not Schepers Property Maintenance will gladly do it for you. (519 820 6507) (guelphlandscapedesign@gmail.com) Our price will of course be reasonable except for those reading this post in a city other than Guelph. There are readers in Holland and Nigeria for instance. Though I would love you to contract with us the travel costs are yours to pay. In the spirit of this post my advice to these out of towners is to not engage us except for our garden design service,

Lawn rollers on a small yard are pretty ridiculous. The border shrubs and plants cringe when the roller approaches, many many times.  When one rolls one has to do many many many 3 point turns. These plants have visions of broken limbs and overly compacted soil. The noise and the exhaust also bother them though it is mostly psychosomatic. We have to remember that they have witnessed the roller has chipped of a section of concrete from the walk. They hear the worms scream. It is traumatic to say the least and one must remember that a small yard also has a smaller community of support and fewer collective memories to reassure themselves with. When I used to run the roller I remember the dirty looks I got as I rolled by whistling repeatedly “Rolling Rolling Rolling”. In fairness it might have been my singing. The question is, what is an effective way for one to do it themselves without having to store a lawn roller in the garage and without being irritated by searching Google for me every year. Well good news. There is a solution.

Read my whole post before you go out. There are jobs I would suggest first before lawn rolling.

Buy a tamper. It is simply a piece of wood with a flat plate on the bottom.  You could make this tool from wood if you were really ambitious. If you cannot find one at your local hardware store go to a Rental Store that services the construction industry. In fact you may even get to just rent it. When you acquire this tamper remember that the smaller the tamper area the more compaction you end up with. A 2″ square tamper will send the worms to China and will leave these neat square dimples in your lawn. This actually is very cool looking until you go to cut the lawn. I use an 8″ square tamper.

Tamp the lawn in stages. There are muscles in your body that will speak to you rudely if you push too hard. Think about it. If you are worried about how plants feel with a lawn roller you are allowed to listen to your muscles when they worry. They are apart of a very intimate garden called “you”. Do it in stages if necessary. Remember it actually is quite easy and you will be tempted to keep going. Do not RAM done and do the human thing of feeling like these muscles have to be driven. The repetitive lifting, though easy, is using muscles that are not used often. Light touch and stages is what I am saying over and over because I have trained many people and the tendency is to get too enthusiastic….

Before starting pick up a bag of grass seed and sand/ top dressing soil. Please don’t make me ask if you have a garden rake. The seed will not germinate for awhile but it doesn’t hurt to put down now. Gently rake your lawn removing any dog poop first. If your lawn is very bumpy the tamper is not the tool to use first. Rake in sand or Top Dressing first. After this spread grass seed (read instructions on bag and read my blogs on grass seed.) Now walk over your lawn and gently tamp the worm holes down and minor frost heaves. Overlap slightly these pats. Smile as you see how effective this is. Dream about a lawn that does not make the lawn mower vibrate and shake apart.  Have a coffee in a place that overlooks your accomplishment.

Lawn Roller

My old Roller. It was so awkward to drive and to get around. It was a pretty good machine.

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