A favourite story of administration is of the Shepherd. So simple! There were two bins next to the sheep pen. One was empty and the other was full of rocks. As each sheep left the pen one person would throw a rock from the full bin into the empty bin. At the end of the day as the sheep returned to the pen the rocks were returned to the full bin. If there were any rocks left over there was a sheep missing and they could know to look for it.

I was dying for a chance to use this stone age technology one day and viola the sun rose on an opportunity. We had to move 16 yards of mulch. The question was how many 6 cubic feet wheel barrows loads would it take? It should have taken 72 if they were full but ended up taking 82.  We know this because we counted. This actually is more intriguing than critical of course but it does help. The main point is the latter system of rocks is what worked best to work this out. From a full bag of clear stone came 82 pebbles. There was no way I was going to pay people to get their smart device out for each load, the stones were smarter.

Still on the point of stones. Galileo’s wife is reported to have thrown stones into the back pond and counted the heartbeats it took for them to hit bottom. In the end it took on average 3 heartbeats from kerplunk to that tiny explosion of dust on the bottom. This information is really important to note. Whether the world is round or flat and how it orbits is not always as important as we think. Smelling the roses and counting the heartbeats matter too. (At least I stayed on the topic of stones eh?)

In the last few weeks I have loved my own simple solution to keeping track of the sheep. For years I have worked out new systems of what should work best for me. They never worked and the electronic ones were the worst. Finally, in exasperation, I went to Gary at the UPS and ordered my very own book for tracking my business activity. What kept me from doing this earlier was perhaps embarrassment. It seemed like failure on my part to never be able to make the boxed solutions work and my way seemed to be from the stone age. Today, while taking a rush order for one tiny space heater for a tenant the system again showed its nettle. Take call and do…then invoice. That is our process. I needed something as simple to record it. A blank book of duplicate sheets does the trick nicely. With my own custom cover I can doodle and make notes all I want. At the end of the month it looks a little like a fridge door or my desk top but neither of the latter are unpleasant. In fact it is great for notes about liability concerns and contact info too. Best yet? The record of the day from each of us is tracked in a way that can not be disputed easily; this again for insurance reasons. If anyone is interested I get mine from Gary from the UPS on Valu Village mall. Hey…I bet if you order the “Mike” book he will know what you mean.cropped-Untitled-11.jpg

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