Fiesta weed spray. There are certain things I trust about it. In fact it is transparent about what I can expect from it in the literature it provides and warnings it gives . Proper research makes it possible for people to make informed decisions. We can in fact trust that it only works on certain weeds, at certain stages, in certain seasons and in certain weather conditions… if applied at the prescribed dosage. When using this product I need to trust the things it says about its effectiveness.

So I would never spray in the fall, I would never give more than two applications a year and I would not raise people’s hopes. I would use this product only with other good lawn care practices. When a customer gets talked into an application of Fiesta in the fall I can say it will not work.

In the case of Nematodes the same logic applies. I have to trust there are bugs in the package, that there is a difference between tap water and Nematode infested water and trust that the way they say to store and apply them. We must believe that they are not leading me astray in the clear instructions given. If you had Nematodes sprayed on a dry lawn on a sunny day this application will not work. The time to apply is NOW.

Where are the grubs? Near the surface. What type are they? How many are there per square foot? What does the package stipulate for proper application and when? Nematodes are actually pretty effective if all the criteria are diligently followed. We are ready to spray now…ON THE NEXT RAIN DAY. If you know they are there then book now so you can get into the very limited number of spaces available.


PricE per 2500 sq ft of lawn $110.00.

Price of watering, overseeding and repairs are not included.

Lawn assessment included.

See Below…….


  1. This least expensive application is available on a first come first serve basis as space is limited.
    1. Hose must be out, accessible and turned on
    2. We will not water
    3. $110.00 (2017 pricing)
  2. The next option is for those with sprinklers or will take the responsibility for all watering.
    1. Price is the same
    2. this option takes up a lot of owners time and is not ideal
    3. Homeowner must be flexible with schedules.
    4. Schepers Property Maintenance recommends homeowner applies Nematodes
      1. supplies available at Nurseries.
    5. $110.00 (2017 Pricing)

We also do lawn repairs and full maintenance.  Phone for a quote for a complete service.  


519 820 6507


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