web-coupons4Last summer we had quite a few requests for lawn repairs where we were able to save people a considerable amount of money. The obvious starting point was looking closely at the problem and what caused it. We then moved on to goals and a discussion of what they hoped to accomplish. The next questions were about budgets and in this category there was as much talk of personal time and effort available as there was about money. Following are just some of the reasons a new lawn is considered.

The problems


There are many reasons why a lawn has failed. It is highly unlikely that a new lawn will resolve all these problems.

  • Traffic
    • pets and people presumably are still going to use the lawn. these traffic patterns will not change because you have a new lawn
    • the traffic problems need to be resolved first.
  • Weed infestation, grubs, cinch bugs, rust and etc
    • depending on the extent of the problem replacing a lawn is a valid option.
    • replacing a lawn will never fully resolve problems. Techniques to care for your lawn still need to be applied to preserve lawn.
  • Light/ Moisture Conditions
    • different grasses grow in different conditions. Replacing an existing lawn with sod in areas where the light or moisture conditions are not suitable is ineffective.
  • Soil Quality
    • whether through soil amendments, fertilizing or replacing your soil it is important to do what you can with your soil. If this is the problem the solutions are not always cheap but they are worth it.  This work must be done for either a new or repaired lawn.
  • Appearance preferences
    • yes, an instant new lawn looks great.


Schepers Property Maintenance loves making yards suit their owners. A new lawn may be just the thing. Call us for a free half hour assessment and a comparison price of repair versus new.

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