Today we talked another customer into being a customer. There was no drawing or plan costs. I walked around the property and showed him what could be done with site lines, how to easily create more privacy and how to make the entrance stand out.

Once when my wife wanted furniture moved I went through the effort of making a scaled drawing for the room. Then each piece of furniture was cut out to scale so that so she could move them about. There was that piano involved after all and no one wants to move that twice. The irony is that the time it took to make the drawings was far longer than the time it would have taken to move the stuff. The piano was not a tough enough thing to move to justify all that planning and there was no way I could draw all the little nuances of the room anyway. How do you take into account light beams that land perfectly on ones head when having a Sunday afternoon nap or arrange three prints on the wall. These are not petty aspects of design.

Yes, I told this story as I discussed this man’s front entrance. Do you know how important it is to make sure that if there are three clumps of Lavender next to the entrance walk they MUST meet certain criteria. Please, they have to be pleasingly planted, symmetrical. They must be planted so that at maturity they brush against the edge of the walk but do not infringe. The two elements meet and hold hands. They do not stand aloof of each other with an awkward space and silence and they do not crowd each other. My suggestion regarding the front entrance was to give it wholly up to an artist, or in this case a gardener, and let them do it. It is cheaper to redo and rearrange than have a long conversation about it. Once we get a feel of what you want we are off.

There were those shrubs we talked about. The Korean Lilac that looked for all the world to be from North Korea. How you plant around fence lines makes all the difference in the world you know. It defines the reason for the fence and what could be a very positive effect on a property can become negative. Bad planting can change a beautiful wrought iron fence into a barbed wire fence. Fences are some of the most important lines your property has and it takes no effort to make them an enhancement instead of a stockade. Some fences (you know the kind and likely will know the specific one I refer to if you know me.) can be enhanced by going across the street and randomly shooting arrows at them. See how quickly the smile came to your face! It is true isn’t it. The trouble is that to make a fence serve all of the duties it can there is a lot of things to consider. I am officially calling this the art of Fence Sway. It could sway good or bad. Call me. (my price just went up ’cause now I have a fancy name to my method)

I will not go on any longer than this. Yes this is part of the interview for a new customer. If you needed to bring in 10 watermelons from your car and your gardener was there would you ask for help. If you wanted a plant moved would you tell us? Though we are experts and very cool people it is necessary to teach our customers how to hire a servant, not an expert. It takes conversation to determine where sunbeams land on the couch and at what time. Our customer will not make us happy if they put up with how the Lavender is slightly off in its placement. If you are willing to learn how to be a customer then I guess we can take you on.

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