Mike’s first bike trailer November 1976


I found this picture and decided to share it for throw back Thursday. It really only feels like yesterday but this shot was taken in 1975 or 1976. This was my first trailer that I built and I can say with confidence that it was the first one in Guelph. It was designed to hold the 72 Saturday Stars that I delivered(40 weekly). I was 15.

I have included some later shots of trailers and three wheel bikes which were used for Schepers Property Maintenance and, for a few years, as our only form of transportation. There are some I have missed including shots of when we ran the Dickie Dee business in Guelph.

Things have of course progressed. Trailers are inefficient in winter, (in the shot above I am actually working at putting skis on the trailer) they are dangerous and there is no way I could still be doing what I did then. Ideas and overcoming, industry and the simple joy of accomplishment are never old though and this is what I remembered most on finding this picture.  

Master Servant Bike

The Master Servant Bike Christmas parade 1986 (old Dickie Dee Bike)

Master Servant Bike

Master Servant Bike on Vacation 1986

130722 bike 2


130510 bike


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