How many jars of jams do you eat in a year? Not knowing seems silly. I say this for two reasons; to remind you where jams come from and to encourage people to budget.

Jams are one of those tiny joys for so many people and yet they have no idea just how few they really need to have enough. Take the time to budget not so that you can save money but so you can know. Start by budgeting jams. In our case we have 10 jars of jams prepared for the year. Looking at our consumption we will have two left over by next canning season. We neither conserve nor splurge; knowing this information just brings us peace.

I am a gardener though and do not intend to teach budgeting and forecasting so take from the latter what you will. Oddly enough this post is not about the need to prune properly or garden intensely either. Sure I think it is worth reading but it’s intent is only to give an inkling and to spurn an idea in the reader. There is morals to my tale but no curriculum will come of it.

For years I stewed about the neighbour’s crab apple tree destroying my pond and littering my lawn. I filled in my pond, pruned my side and gave him back what apples I could without breaking his windows. There were no mumbled comments made to him and I did not become that guy who grumbled to his wife (not too much but you should see if she agrees.) Frankly I handled myself quite well.

In the back of all this was Crab Apple Jam. Every year I was going to make a jam and not waste the resources. Well this year my granddaughter and I did it. There is nothing like showing off to her that brings out the best in me. Oh the talking that took place as we picked, chopped and prepared. In the end there were ten little jars of jam which were shared; canned translucent Rubies are valuable. We also made translucent Amethyst grapes and pondered what fruit will make translucent gold so our shelves would be complete.

Just because many people reading will forget what to get from this I will point you in the right direction.

In business and life there are granddaughters and waste. Both are as important as the bottom line. Be wise.

There are existing resources all around to draw from that you are likely not accounting for. Maybe next year?

There are abilities and a sense in you that you can draw from. Maybe next year?

Follow the easiest recipes. There are too many made up by pedantic people that forget simple.

Do not get carried away. It only took about two quart baskets to get more than enough. When you start picking apples it is very easy to try to think you can do the whole tree. That is likely 20 bushel baskets. Think calluses, a bored granddaughter and the smell of rotten apples.

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