Buckets and buckets of buckets. These are filled with sand, cold patch, gravel and screening. They carry our hardware,tools and buckets and buckets of etcetera. When you market the small and intimate, breaking down hours into minutes, you need to think small and “bucket” is either a prefix or suffix to these thoughts. The use that fascinates me the most however is the bucket brigade. (and who invented the first one…)

Free Buckets

Free Buckets are great eh.  (ask me where)


I am going to start in an odd place with my thoughts on Bucket Brigades. (as per usual) They are my excuse (or justification) for being a “rubbernecker” at accident scenes. Helping hands; gracious helping hands, are just plain beautiful. No one likes the horrors we at times face in life but there are countless stories of heroes and heroines when these tragedies do arise. Communities pull together, individuals shine and we are all encouraged. In fact it is almost a sadness that in Canada with our infrastructure and experience we have very capable professional help. There are fewer opportunities to be needed for us all and so rubbernecking is obsolete. It is a habit though. I think it is safe to say that it would be better to be one small part of a bucket brigade in someone’s time of need than to just hear about it.


bucket Brigade 1bucket brigade 4

The actual workings of the brigade is also fascinating. When pouring concrete steps or when working in rear yards with no access for equipment we have had countless opportunities to form a line and dig in. The conversations that arise and the over all mood of the work make it worth participating in, even if there is no purpose. As an owner I love how the tempo and efficiency of the day need absolutely no overseeing. It is choreographed without input and a very natural reaction.   Sure water and sand slop out. Yes the buckets could be filled just a bit more. Yes there is always that “glitch” in the line and maybe having a Viking beat on a drum could speed things up. These tendencies to manage and to fine tune are however counter productive and should be done minimally and with great care.

Would you allow me another tangent? You have a choice. A story or an extra paragraph or two to explain how what is already written applies to management. I prefer the story….

There could be a lot more about the following moving story.   I will only add one key lesson to the main goal of singing workers. That is to not be too proud and Dutch, thinking that moving everything yourself is cost effective.. When the movers from Swan’s Moving came to get the piano I could not get myself they laughed at my stubbornness. They said, “You could get all that was left moved for the price of that one piano, all I had to do was ask about the services and rates offered.”

The most moving and favourite part of the tale however is the Viking Song the four men naturally made as they grunted and groaned (sounded like and was a dirge lol). I told them as we left the first house that if they made these grunts and groans into a proper viking song they would sound much better and I would buy them breakfast. When we got to our new home they did just that and I got to hear one of the most beautiful sounds one could ever hear. At our little home on a hill the acoustics are exceptional and I am sure that it was not just me therefore that was rewarded. Think Vikings, deep bassy Vikings. Think smiling loud and enthusiastic deep bassy vikings at my house. Gorgeous.  You can’t manage that.




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