I went by Play with Clay to say hi. On the table were subway tiles, looking ever so much like clean slates or blank canvasses. The thoughts of what a person could do with these were incredible. I have already talked to my daughter to get her to start the first tile. Hopefully, if everything works out, we will have our retirement kitchen back splash ready in time.  (two weeks until I am a carded senior)

The idea is simple. Make tiles with the same colour back ground paint. On the face of it have the kids paint “fridge art”. These include their hand and foot prints, pictures of dogs that closely resemble cats and trees that look like rockets. When the time comes remove them from the box they are stored in and mount as a back splash. You could also do a height chart for each child or a tub surround. The ideas are many.

If you are worried about the resale value of your home there are some elements to consider when doing the math.

Neutral makeovers do not always a home make.

The value of scratches and nicks increase over time. These touch neurons that remind you of something….memory exercises.

Old age makeovers are done 20 years before you are actually old and finally wise. They get done and then you find yourself content and relaxed not thinking it worth changing again. To the future buyer your home will always be quaint; something out of the 70’s.

The longer you leave the nicks and funky in place the more you will have conversations about how you should really do a make over. This will give you the opportunity to say to your kids “when I was young” and convey contentment and sage advice. (hopefully friends will not comment, just the kids)

Come on. Think about it. No one wants to see a slide show about your grandkids, especially when you are inept with your phone. Those tiles though are perfect. How can anyone miss them and visitors eyes will not roam to their watch or phone. They are bound to make excited comments like “cool” and “cute”

What people sometimes think when you have renovated. “They are wearing too much makeover and should add more blush”

Makeovers do not make a coffee taste better or your smile more penetrating. 



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